Checklist for Indoor Meetings

Here is a checklist of jobs for indoor meetings.

Woodhouse Eaves Village Hall

The caretaker for the Village Hall is Jean Mawby (01509 890995). She should be around for the start of the meeting. She lives on-site and should be contacted in the event of any problems (knock on white door immediately opposite you when entering the Hall).

Before the meeeting

Collect the attendance register from Dick Howard (if he is not coming to the meeting). Confirm with the speaker that they know where to come, and what visual aids they will require (it is normal practice for them to have a presentation/slide show on a laptop whcih they will bring, projector/screen is provided by us).

On the night

The person setting up the room should arrive before 7.00p.m., preferably at 6.45. They should:-

  • Erect 3 tables on the l.h.s. of the entrance to hall (for registration/membership fees/etc.)
  • Place attendance book, open at the appropriate page, on table. Ensure everyone signs it. (In the event of a fire, this can be used as a roll call if necessary).
  • Assemble all the chairs from the rack: normally 60 chairs are set out theatre-style in two sections. Additional chairs are normally kept on the stage behind the curtain.
  • Erect a table for the speaker/computer/laptop at front of hall.
  • Jean Mawby will provide all necessary cables, etc. in a plastic container. This includes a remote control for the screen. It also includes a microphone.

Visiting Speaker

Ensure that someone is responsible for looking after the visiting speaker (not necessarily you). Assist them in unloading any visual aids, publicity material, etc. The overhead projector is already installed in the Hall: the lead simply needs to be plugged in to the laptop. Ensure that the speaker uses the microphone. Explain, if necessary, that a number of our members are hard-of-hearing.

Make an announcement about safety procedures, especially the location of the fire exits.


It is normal practice to provide a glass of wine, or a soft drink, and nibbles. to all those who attend an indoor event. Unpack and display glasses.

It is recommended that:-

  • 3 bottles of white wine
  • 3 bottles of red wine
  • 1 litre Orange Juice or similar
are provided. The Treasurer will reimburse all expenses (please provide a receipt).

End of Evening

Raise screen. Unplug projector from laptop, replace remote control in plastic container. Replace all chairs in the stacking units, and replace all tables. Ensure all glsses are washed up and put away. Return attendance book to Dick Howard. Turn out the lights.