Photo archive of Charnwood Forest

These photgraphs have been kindly provided by Michael Webster: further photographs from Michael are available at

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Lea Meadows, Ulverscroft with Hardheads, Yarrow, Harebells and Betony.
Walkers in Winter on Calke Estate, Derbyshire
Nuthatch in Stoneywell Wood

Stone wall
Dry-Stone Wall made from local stone, with poppies
Bradgate Park
"Old John" tower in Bradgate Park. The bracken has been rolled to encourage biodiversity.
Bardon Hill
Precambrian rock outcrop on Bardon Hill
Altar Stones
Altar Stones at Markfield
Black Brook
Black Brook
Cropston Reservoir
Cropston Reservoir
Cropston Panorama
Cropston Reservoir, with Bradgate Park in the background
Winter view of a signpost in Newtown Linford
Wood at Sunrise
Sunrise in Lea Wood: the trees are spruces
Fallow Deer
A buck Fallow Deer in Bradgate Park
Leicester from Bardon
Leicester, as seen from the summit of Bardon Hill in Spring. The foreground is due to be developed as a quarry.
Female Red Deers
Female red deer peers throught the bracken in Bradgate Park (Autumn)
Swithland Wood
Wood anemones in Swithland Wood
Wheelers House
A cottage garden in Newtown Linford
Oak Leaves
Oak leaves in the sunlight
3 Fallow Deer
3 Fallow deer in Bradgate Park
The overflow at Swithland Reservoir
Bluebells in Swithland Wood
Vertical Wood
Bluebells in Stoneywell Wood
Vertical Deer
Buck fallow deer in Bradgate Park